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Wes Welker puts blame on NFL Thats a lam
No one knows for sure just how Wes Welker violated the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Everyone should know, however, that the reaction to his four-game suspension raised more questions than it gave answers.Wes Welker's ban Janoris Jenkins Jersey : The fantasy football effectThe Denver Broncos' wide receiver e-mailed his statement to the Denver Post last night. It started with Welker being "shocked at the news,"and just aspredictably ended withWelker blaming the NFL.Wes Welker reacts to 4-game suspension in e-mail to @denverpost: pic.twitter.com/4ImMt84Udr SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 3, 2014We get it. Welker is a drug-free workout warrior, which should be accepted as fact. It's also believable that he Duke Ihenacho Jersey wouldn't "knowingly" take PEDs.But here's the unbelievable part: A 33-year-old venerable veteran didn't make it a point to know the drug policy in the league in which he plays. You know, the one if you violate makesyou lose the right to play in the NFL for a while and the paychecks that go withit.Note thispart of Welker's statement was omitted from the ESPN tweet:"I have never been concerned with the leagues performance enhancing or drug abuse policies because under no scenario would they ever apply to me."OK, Weston Richburg Jersey but you should know that thePED that gets you busted in today'sNFL for isn't your run of the mill steroid or Biogenesis project. Amphetamines,molly and Adderrall? That's where they get you now.It should have been clear to Welker and every other NFL player after the Colts' Robert Mathis was handed a similar four-gamesuspension. Mathis knowingly admitted to taking Clomid a fertitlity drug. Hisappeal landed with a resounding thud on the NFL's doorstep.ROSS TUCKER: Mathis' PED violation was inexcusableThe leaguewasn't about to have sympathy for Welker allegedly being popped somethingunknowningly. For someone who's been Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey around as long as he has, it's on Welker to know what you don't know can still hurt you.Blaming the NFL is a lame game. In this case, coming clean would have made us believe Welker more as a clean player. Big Grin

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