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Federal Court Hearing In San Jose vs. ML
The federal Demetrius Cherry Jersey judge overseeing the antitrust lawsuit through the Town of San Jose against Major League Baseball held an instance management conference Friday morning. But the hearing handled weightier i sues as compared to the usual case management conference. Most particularly, a legal court is deciding whether to dismi s the two remaining state regulations claims for interference with contract and allow those claims to be re-filed in state court. If that's the case, the court would enter final judgment in the federal case, and San Jose would have the authority to immediately appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
The hearing came 8 weeks after Judge Ronald M. Whyte i sued an order that dismi sed San Joses antitrust claims based on the court-created antitrust exemption for MLB. Within the same order, the court held that San Jose had adequately pled two claims for interference with contract, on the theory that MLBs delay for making a decision around the As proposal to maneuver to San Jose had interfered with the As option agreement with San Jose to purchase five acres of land in downtown San Jose on which to construct a brand new ballpark. My previous post around the Courts ruling is here now.
Judge Whyte began Fridays hearing by proclaiming that he was tentatively inclined to dismi s their state court claims. He then heard arguments by attorneys for the parties: John Keker for MLB and Philip Gregory for San Jose.
MLB asked Judge Whyte to hold to the state regulations claims and then stay the case, while the Santa Clara Superior Court decides a different lawsuit challenging, among other things, the validity from the option agreement. That action, filed with a group called Are a symbol of San Jose, is considered to be an attempt through the San Francisco Giants to achieve the option agreement invalidated. You can read more on that state legal action here, here, and here. There will be a hearing in the state court case next Friday, December 20.
Keker argued when the option agreement is invalid, then San Jose doesnt even have standing to sue MLB on antitrust grounds, which may make an appeal of the Aldon Smith Jersey exemption ruling moot. Keker also raised concerns of a three-court circus that will arise if the federal action is dismi sed, but appealed, and San Jose proceeds using the interference claims in state court.
Once they Mario Edwards Jersey heard Judge Whytes tentative ruling, attorneys for San Jose e sentially submitted the problem. San Jose wants the opportunity to get the exemption i sue prior to the appeals court and, eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court as quickly as po sible. Joe Cotchett, lead attorney for San Jose, spoke to reporters following the hearing and expre sed confidence that tide has completed courts against the antitrust exemption and its merely a matter of time before the U.S. Top court limits or eliminates the exemption.
Amid the procedural skirmishing, Judge Whyte asked MLB concerning the letter the league apparently sent in April rejecting the As proposal for any San Jose ballpark. The existence of that letter was big news last Saturday, after MLB referenced it in its case management conference statement to the court in advance of todays hearing. My post on it is here.
Keker told a legal court the letter should remain confidential since it contains proprietary busine s details about the As proposal and finances. Keker then said: The proposal by the As was unequivocally denied. There isn't any other proposal by the As pending prior to the Commi sioner.
Judge Whyte concluded the hearing by stating that he was leaning toward adopting his tentative ruling to dismi s their state law claims without prejudice and TJ Carrie Jersey enter final judgment.
Some have questioned why attorneys for San Jose would want the situation dismi sed from federal court now. The large i sue in the case continues to be and will be baseballs antitrust exemption. The fastest method of getting an appeals court and also the Top court to limit or eliminate the exemption is as simple as appealing Judge Whytes order immediately.
Yes, San Jose wants discovery into MLBs decision-making proce s, but it can seek that discovery in a condition legal action whether it chooses to pursue the interference claims. Indeed, from San Joses perspective, all the chaos it can cause within the courts the greater, in the hopes that MLB will be concerned enough about losing its exemption and it is control of the relocation procedure that it would accept let the As proceed to San Jose. Thats an extended shot strategy, but thats all San Jose has at this time.
Judge Whyte is likely to i sue an order before the Christmas.

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