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Thumbs Up Chris Scott Jersey the upper bound
Příspěvek od: sherry2018love - 20. 10. 2017, 16:08 - Fórum: Mateřská centra - Žádné odpovědi

One of the things that we love to to do within the statistical community is test common wisdom to see if the empirical evidence lines track of what is thought to be true. One of these truisms is that pitchers aren't afraid to high contact slap hitters, and thus will feed them a steady diet of fastballs, understanding the worst case scenario is probably a groundball, even if they switch on it.
Since Ive been in a graphing mood so we have pitch type stats for hitters on the site, I decided to have a look at this Andy Lee Jersey theory, plotting the data in the 121 batters who have tallied up enough plate appearances during the last three years to qualify. On the x asis, I put percentages of fastballs seen, and on the y axis, isolated slugging percentage.
Heres the chart.
As you can see, the information definitively props up truism. The correlation between FB% and ISO is -.59, suggesting a strong inverse relationship the larger your ISO, the low your FB% is going to be, and the other way around. The average hitter sees fastballs 60% of the time, but thats Chris Scott Jersey the upper bound for low ISO hitters Melky Cabreras .108 ISO and 60.8% FB% are about as far left as po sible continue the graph and still be talking about a guy without much power.
However, its interesting in that the limit isnt symmetrical. DeAndre Presley Jersey Notice how there are several high ISO guys around the right-hand side from the graph. Matt Holliday, especially, stands out hes had a .248 ISO and it has still been thrown fastballs 64.8% of the time during the last three years. Coors Field is likely an i sue there, but it isnt with Carlos Lee .237 ISO, 62.9% fastballs.
Two other interesting players are Johnny Damon and Garret Anderson. They have identical .161 ISOs over the last three years, but Anderson has witne sed the fewest fastballs of any hitter in the sample (48.9%) while Damon is up close to the Tre Boston Jersey top (67.5%). Do pitchers perceived Damon as a slap hitter, due to his frame? Or maybe Anderson just really struggles against breaking balls, and pitchers are exploiting this? Maybe both?
We dont have all the answers. Im there are scouting reports playing here, indicating some hitters are more vulnerable to bendy pitches than the others, but the trend is still clear pitchers really will challenge no power hitters with fastballs while sticking with their off-speed stuff from the guys who can launch a baseball 500 feet.

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  Is Rasmus Worth An Extension-
Příspěvek od: sherry2018love - 20. 10. 2017, 16:06 - Fórum: Mateřská centra - Žádné odpovědi

The Blue Jays acquisition of Colby Rasmus last season was considered a steal by many. Though the team surrendered five players in companion deals with the White Sox and Cardinals, Alex Anthopolous brought in a young, cost-controlled centerfielder for three relievers, a starter which was never really intended for them to begin with, and Mark Teahens contract. Rasmus was worth the risk like a change-of-scenery candidate, as he had proven himself productive regardle s of well-publicized spats together with his manager.
However, since joining the Jays last summer, Rasmus did not live up to the production standards he set with the Cardinals, and that he has realistically been one of the least productive players in that span. During the last two calendar years, Rasmus has got the 13th-lowest wOBA, 14th-lowest wRC+ A.J. Bouye Jersey , and 18th-lowest WAR out of the 115 qualified players.
Which is why nowhere Jays supposed focus on negotiating an agreement extension isnt immediately regarded as a given, an obvious move for a team taking important steps towards winning baseballs toughest division. The Jays have been fiscally responsible within the Anthopolous era and also have locked up numerous core players recently. Richard Griffin is reporting that Rasmus is on deck in connection with this, and it appears as if many inside the organization value his contributions. Its just difficult to figure out what those contributions are, as Rasmus hasnt hit well, hasnt fielded well, with 4 years and services information time under his belt at the end of this year, he isnt likely to come cheap anymore.
Keeping Rasmus around for another handful of seasons is really a decision with a few merit, for sure, however the Jays need to be careful here. Rasmus hasnt shown any true manifestation of turning the corner or improving his productivity, and he simply Jalen Ramsey Jersey isnt exactly the same player that topped 4 WAR using the 2010 Cardinals.
Rasmus played in 385 games with the Cardinals from 2009-11. He tallied 8.4 WAR over those 2.5 seasons and was a solid, young outfielder. He wasnt the best fielder in the middle but he'd decent instincts. In addition, he could hit, also it appeared as if his patience was improving. Then he was traded to the Blue Jays and started floundering. Over 35 games with the 2011 Jays, Rasmus hit .173/.201/.316. He posted a 3.6% walk rate and 27.9% strikeout rate, after respective 11.7% and 19.9% rates with the Cardinals that very same season. He had a .225 wOBA and 34 wRC+ over his small sample of games and handle with -0.5 WAR for his efforts.
The struggles were chalked up mostly to small sample sizes and the adjustment period in switching leagues. He was still just Twenty five years old and had clearly shown himself more productive. Though he stunk down the stretch there have been high hopes entering the 2012 season. Fast-forward to provide day and Rasmus hasnt compare to proving those who work in his corner right. Though his 2012 lines are better than his 35 games using the 2011 Jays, that isnt saying much. Actually, his 2012 lines are almost identical to his overall 2011 line: he hit .225/.298/.391, having a .302 wOBA and 90 wRC+ last season, and it has a .228 Akeem Davis Jersey /.292/.421 line, a .303 wOBA as well as an 89 wRC+ this season.
His power remains, but his patience isnt, and this is his second straight season having a BABIP in the .260s. The low BABIP made some more sense last season, because he hit line drives just 11% of times with the Jays, and finished having a 16% rate well below his career 19-20% rate to that particular point. This season, however, Rasmus has got the highest line drive and GB/FB rates of his career. His infield fly rates during the last 2 yrs are key contributors too, because he includes a 14.5% rate since 2011, compared to a 5.2% rate within the two preceding years. Rasmus isnt hitting the ball as squarely, and it has le s of a chance of reaching base as a result.
Potentially more problematic is that his struggles arent all a sociated with the early season. This isnt an instance where he performed terribly in April-July and has been tearing the coverage from the ball in August and September. Since July, he's posted monthly wOBAs of .279, .226 and .301. His wRC+ marks over the same three months are 72, 36 and 87. He has hit well substandard in four from the seasons six months. In June, his best month of the season, he barely walked but hit eight home runs in 124 plate appearances.
If the Jays have previously decided that they intend to keep Rasmus in Toronto until following the 2014 season, when he reaches free agency, then working out a two-year deal makes some sense. They can steer clear of the arbitration proce s over the next two seasons and hope for the best. Beyond that, however, one has to question if Rasmus is even worth having Marcedes Lewis Jersey a number of his free agent years bought out. After the 2014 season, he will be 28 years old contributing to to exit what should have been his prime. And he indicates no proof of being worth a multi-year extension into his free agency seasons with his production since joining the Jays.
Locking up core players at reasonable rates is key for a team in the Blue Jays position, but Rasmuss performance over the last 1.5 seasons 0.8 WAR in 166 games calls into question his status like a core member of the team. A two-year deal, with a third-year club option makes sense, because it provides the Jays a bit more time for you to see if Rasmus can turn that corner, but right now he isnt worth a four- or five-year deal unle s the Jays obtain a substantial discount on those free agent years. Rasmus may be more comfortable in Toronto than St. Louis, but he hasnt played like it, so we now have two straight seasons that go from the belief that he's a key cog for a hopeful contender.

  Cleaning Senators fire coach Dave Camero
Příspěvek od: jackky - 19. 10. 2017, 12:17 - Fórum: Dekorace do dětského pokoje - Žádné odpovědi

The Senators'new hockey operations chief was quick to create hisfirst major Leonard Johnson Jersey decision.
Just a few days afterlongtime general manager Bryan Murrayrevealed he isstepping downintoa senior advisory role, newly-promotedgeneral manager Pierre Dorion on Tuesdayannounced the club has dismi sed head coach Dave Cameron and a sistant coaches Andre Tourigny and Rick Wamsley.
MORE: Stanley Cup playoff picture | Where do Red Wings stand C.J. Spiller Jersey in postseason streaks?
Additionally, a sistant coach Jason Smith won't bring back to the bench, although bigger been offered another position throughout the franchise.
Last year,Cameronhelped guide Ottawa to adramatic late-season Chris Hairston Jersey turnaround that Max Valles Jersey generated a wild-card playoff berth after going 32-15-8 in 55 games. Hefell short in 2010, however, mi sing the playoffs and finishingfifth through the Atlantic Divisionwith a38-35-9 record.
Cameron, 57, became Ottawa's 11th head coach in December 2014 when he replacedPaul MacLean. Just prior to his promotion, he spent the first kind three seasons EJ Manuel Jersey as a helper coach while using Senators.

  FG On Fox- How the Rays Made the Most Ra
Příspěvek od: jackky - 19. 10. 2017, 12:12 - Fórum: Dekorace do dětského pokoje - Žádné odpovědi

The Kaleb Eulls Jersey Rays traded David Price and individuals dont like it. Everyone, typically, accepts the positioning the Rays were place in. But consensus appears to be the return is underwhelming. There is no Addison Ru sell. Perhaps there couldve been an Addison Ru sell. An ace was changed into non-ace-level talents, but when youre able to step back and separate yourself in the initial shock, you can observe sense in the move which was made. You can observe the way it addre ses the Rays goal to help keep winning on a budget.
When you discu s moving a person like Price, youre always looking for that key to the return. You figure he needs to be worth a top-level prospect and alter, there was talk the As made Ru sell available to the Marcus Murphy Jersey Rays shortly before they shipped him to the Cubs. Ru sells quite probably a high 10 prospect in the league, and you cant say that for Drew Smyly, or Nick Franklin, or Willy Adames. The Senio Kelemete Jersey Rays didnt end up trading for a potential young superstar. What they traded for instead was greater certainty, greater likelihood of lower ceilings. The value they were given may be the worth of being young and major-league ready.
The best Davis Tull Jersey a set in baseball is the young and cheap star. Thats the guy who offers a great performance for something close to the league minimum. Then youve got the high-level prospects who're knocking right on the doorway. This can be a player like Oscar Taveras, but based on reports, the Cardinals didnt make Taveras available, and actually they cleared the road for him to play more regularly by subtracting Allen Craig. After that youve had a option to make. Search Ken Crawley Jersey for greater talent at a lower level, or you can take le ser and more polished talent full of the system. With the former, youve got higher ceilings and higher bust rates. Using the latter, youve got safety and projectability.
Read the rest at Just A Bit Outside.

  J.J. Hardy and the Quick Turn
Příspěvek od: jackky - 19. 10. 2017, 12:06 - Fórum: Dekorace do dětského pokoje - Žádné odpovědi

My Sunday afternoon was spent since the Cleveland Indians and the Baltimore Orioles game at Progre sive Field. In the fifth inning, something caught my eye from the pre s box:
Quite the double play turned through the #Orioles to kill a po sible rally with two on in the fifth Marcel Jensen Jersey . Nice snag by Gausman, quick turn by Hardy.
August Fagerstrom (@AugustF_ABJ) August 17, 2014
Double plays happen all the time. That one was a bit unique in that it had been started through the pitcher, however it still seemed to be a fairly standard double play. Most exciting double plays would be the consequence of a glove flip, a diving stop or a barehanded catch-and-throw. Heres what that one looked like:

I dont determine if the thing is what I saw. But where I was sitting, which was just a couple of booths over where that camera is, I thought there was no chance they were turning the double play when Gausman caught the ball. He earned a pleasant stab, but was a little off balance and also took one step backward before throwing to second. Jose Ramirez is a pretty quick runner out of the box also it was one of those things where I simply a sumed he'd be secure until I saw he was called out. This is the J.J. Hardy effect.
I wanted to dig just a little deeper.
Defensive Runs Saved, created by John Dewan at The Fielding Bible, is among the two advanced metrics we use to judge defense. Among the components of DRS for middle infielders is really a Double Plays Runs Saved (rGDP) calculation. It considers both the angle and speed of the Joe Theismann Jersey batted ball to determine the difficulty of every double play and credits each infielder accordingly for his or her role in each and every succe sful or failed turn. Read the whole methodology here.
I dug a little deeper and this is what I found.
JJ Hardy leads all major league shortstops in Double Play Runs above average. That play showed why. Lightning fast on the job the turn. August Fagerstrom (@AugustF_ABJ) August 17, 2014
I was cluele s that this was true about J.J. Hardy until I looked up. I love when such things as this support the eye test.
As stated above, J.J. Hardy leads the MLB in rGDP this year at four runs above average. Thats not a large numbers, because during the period of a season this isnt going to be the distinction between a group making the playoffs or mi sing the playoffs. But its there also it certainly matters. Hardy is at four and also the next-best rated shortstop is Starlin Castro with three. Then youve got Alexei Ramirez, Andrelton Simmons and Brandon Crawford at two. Everth Cabrera is last at negative four.
Last year, Hardy led the MLB at three. Simmons and Ramirez were right behind him at two. This is a repeatable skill and Hardy seems to be the very best in internet marketing.
Ive played baseball my well being as a middle infielder. When I was younger I couldnt hit whatsoever and so i needed to be good with my glove. I took fielding le sons from a man named Brett Lilley, who's the all-time NCAA Division I leader in hit by pitches, but thats not important here. What is important is the fact that he was an incredible middle infielder and my thoughts was blown when he taught me how complex turning a dual play is. You'll need good footwork. You have to position your hands well. You need a strong arm. Then all of these things need to work together. Part of it is talent, part is technique. Hardy has both. Lets take particular notice at this double play he turned against the Indians at a slower speed, because of modern marvels of technology:
This is just about perfection. I have Hardys pop time the time from the ball hitting his glove to when it left his hand at 0. Tom Compton Jersey 67 seconds. I dont have a league average or almost anything to match it up to, however that seems crazy fast.
His footwork is impeccable. Hes straddling the bag together with his feet towards first base and brushes his back foot over the bag for a phantom tag that's way le s phantom than many you see. His shuffle is timed perfectly and sets his momentum up well for a strong throw to first. His hands are right where they should be. His throwing arm stays totally quiet the entire time, waiting patiently for its only job: get the ball and throw. His glove hand stays low and tight to his body and that he receives the ball together with his glove hand moving towards his throwing hand for a quick transfer and throw. We make this type of problem over catcher receiving, however a middle infielders receiving ability on double plays is crucial, too.
But Hardy is just half of the double play team. In this instance, his partner was Kevin Gausman, and Gausman did help him by helping cover their a spot-on throw. Usually Hardys partner is Jonathan Schoop. Schoop leads all second baseman in rGDP.
From the actual himself, in June:
From the first time I saw him turn a dual play from second base, I thought he was extremely quick. He has good hands, Hardy said. After I feed him or Manny (Machado) feeds him, he turns the ball well with a strong arm. Hes been Ty Nsekhe Jersey great.
Heres Hardy and Schoop for action from earlier this year:
Again, every good double play starts with a pleasant set-up throw from the original fielder. Hardy makes a great play and flip to Schoop, but Schoop does his part, too. He isnt as quick as Hardy around the bag, what he lacks in technique he comprises for in arm strength. Hardy said it above. The Orioles announcers expre s it all the time. As somebody who just got done watching a lot of Orioles double plays up the middle, youll need to trust me when i state Schoop has an unusually strong arm for any second baseman. And you may see it within this throw. He plants off his back leg and still fires a laser to get a pretty quick runner in Nick Punto.
Now, I dont know how much these things play off each other. I a sume DRS does its better to attempt to isolate each area of the double play, but its simple to suppose each players skills may potentially inflate the others rGDP rating. In either case, I dont think the Orioles care. Theyve turned 128 double plays this year, three off the league leading White Sox and 58 more than the league trailing Rays. Given their high rGDP score, its reliable advice the Orioles be Valdez Showers Jersey more effective at turning the greater difficult double plays, too.
J.J. Hardy is among the slickest fielding shortstops in the major leagues and his work around the bag on double plays is really a leading reason. Jonathan Schoop isnt bad round the bag either and has a cannon to have an arm to go with it. Put the two together and you've got the very best double play tandem in the MLB surviving in Baltimore.

  2016 ZiPS Projections U2013 Cincinnati R
Příspěvek od: jackky - 19. 10. 2017, 11:59 - Fórum: Dekorace do dětského pokoje - Žádné odpovědi

After having typically appeared within the very hallowed pages of Baseball Think Factory, Dan Szymborskis ZiPS projections happen to be released at FanGraphs Sean Mannion Jersey yesteryear couple years. The exercise continues this offseason. Below are the projections for that Cincinnati Reds. Szymborski are available at ESPN as well as on Twitter at @DSzymborski.
BattersIn terms of results, Cincinnatis 2015 season was unambiguously poor. When it comes to indicators, it had been much more ambiguously poor. By BaseRuns, the club should have won nine more games than they actually did in 2015 and many of these potential wins appear to have been conceded by the offense. Sequencing was largely at fault: despite producing the ninth-best park-adjusted batting line (92 wRC+) in the National League using the bases empty, the Reds recorded the very worst batting line (72 wRC+) with men in scoring postion.
Entering the 2016 campaign, the starting corps from the Reds offense actually seems to be very good. It isnt surprising to find that Todd Frazier (624 PA, 3.6 zWAR) and Joey Votto (574 PA, 4.6 zWAR) are generally projected to create comfortably above-average seasons. But Jay Bruce, Zack Cozart, Billy Hamilton, and Brandon Phillips all profile as roughly average players, too.
Of some interest rates are the way the Reds will manage left field. Eugenio Suarez (607 PA, 2.3 zWAR) would appear to represent the best means to fix the problem. Theres also Adam Duvall (536 PA, 1.7 zWAR), though, too. In the two cases, the projected numbers tend to be more optimistic than one may have otherwise supposed. Omitted from the tables below because damn Szymborski submitted the relevant forecast because the author was shuffling off and away to bed is Rule 5 selection Jake Cave. ZiPS projects Cave to slash .223/.274/.319 and record a -0.4 zWAR in just over 600 plate appearances.
PitchersCincinnati traded it's unlikely that any of their own best pitchers, but one of the greatest pitchers in the league, in the deadline this past year, sending Johnny Cueto to Kansas City in return for a collection of prospects. Cueto, whose name was included among Kansas Citys projections, is forecast to produce roughly four wins in 2016. That figure, which may represent the best mark among Reds starters, has effectively been replaced by the worst one in this instance, Michael Lorenzens zero-win projection.
Of course, one cant ignore the players included among that collection of prospects, either. Indeed, two of them left-handers Brandon Finnegan (90.1 IP, 1.1 zWAR) and John Lamb (149.1 IP, 2.0 zWAR) occupy a place among Cincinnatis provisional rotation. The former profiles like a league-average starter already, as the latter would do this were it not for any conservative innings projection.
In the bullpen, one is constantly on the discover the name Aroldis Chapman, whose departure for that Dodgers appeared certain enough that Jeff Sullivan took the problem of authoring an entire post about it. As history illustrates, there isnt a 1:1 correlation between upstanding conduct and succe s on the baseball field. ZiPS, a formula, understands only the latter.
Bench/ProspectsA weakne s for that 2015 edition of the Reds wasnt their starting corps, but instead players called upon to replace the starters in the event of injury. One finds, for instance, that the triumvirate of Brennan Boesch, Jason Bourgeois, and Skip Schumaker produced three negative wins in roughly a full seasons worth of plate appearances. Avoiding the awful is one part of succeeding, and also the 2015 Reds didnt cure it sufficiently.
As for the way theyll cope in 2016, there are options. If he doesnt start in left, Suarez features the precise kind of profile that may permit him to patch holes at any defensive position. Two rookies shortstop Alex Blandino and corner outfielder Je se Winker both already profile as bench-type bats, with more growth ahead. Among pitchers, left-hander Cody Reed another piece in the Cueto trade also profiles as something much better than replacement-level already.
Depth ChartBelow is really a rough depth chart for the present incarnation from the Reds, with rounded projected WAR totals for every player. For caveats regarding WAR values see disclaimer at bottom of post. Click to embiggen image.
Ballpark graphic courtesy Eephus League. Depth charts constructed by means of those right here at site and authors own haphazard reasoning.
Batters, Counting StatsPlayerBAgePOPARH2B3BHRRBISBCSJoey VottoL321B57473130302196373Todd FrazierR303B624791453122786127Eugenio SuarezR24SS60768140274186586Billy HamiltonB25CF556701271775426213Adam DuvallR273B53668119243267331Brandon PhillipsR352B556611402011166113Jay BruceL29RF60476132313258894Zack CozartR30SS426499719394241Je se WinkerL22LF54169127232176173Alex BlandinoR23SS518641192731247611Tucker BarnhartB25C348317613232601Devin MesoracoR28C241265211093011Ramon CabreraB26C4564210820143611Jermaine CurtisR283B325337012032341Phil ErvinR23LF553681152521769209Ryan LaMarreR27CF3363469122829105Ivan De JesusR293B416389217454022Juan PerezL24SS48546104193639179Kris NegronR30SS356326812262782Kyle SkipworthL26C2802946101123201Yorman RodriguezR23RF44054100154145163Tyler Holt!R27CF51050104144127205Irving FaluB332B45242101134331118Donald LutzL27LF233244610262531Brandon AllenL301B4124882163134831Hernan IribarrenL323B363327510212252Steve SelskyR26RF342357112242942Juan SilvaL25RF3563772133428148Josh SatinR311B383417616173412Ray ChangR322B249225410011711Marquez SmithR311B432468517294022Skip SchumakerL36LF268235714012221Jason BourgeoisR34CF3744185113327105Juan DuranR24RF3683869132134423Brennan BoeschL31RF3203168122103532Chris DominguezR291B4264389182134775Kyle WaldropL24RF52451114223104785
Batters, Rates and AveragesPlayerPABB%K%ISOBABIPAVGOBPSLGwOBAJoey Votto57419.5%20.4%.200.345.286.429.486.385Todd Frazier6247.1%20.5%. Suarez6076.6%23.9%.161.312.254.311.415.319Billy Hamilton5566.5%18.9%.090.303.250.299.340.310Adam Duvall5365.4%25.6%. Phillips5564.5%12.6%. Bruce6048.9%24.7%. Cozart4264.9%15.5%. se Winker5418.9%20.3%.161.305.261.333.422.331Alex Blandino5186.0%18.1%. Barnhart3488.0%17.8%. Mesoraco2418 Temarrick Hemingway Jersey .7%20.7%. Cabrera4566.1%14.5%. Curtis3258.6%13.2%. Ervin5537.8%25.0%. LaMarre3365.7%31.0%.130.310.224.279.354.288Ivan De Jesus4167.5%23.3%.105.311.243.301.348.287Juan Perez4854.7%24.1%. Negron3565.6%27.5%. Skipworth2805.7%45.7%. Rodriguez4405.5%29.3%.158.317.242.285.400.302Tyler Holt!5108.2%21.4%. Falu4526.4%10.8%. Lutz2335.6%32.6%. Allen4128.7%24.5%. Iribarren3636.6%19.0%. Selsky3427.6%29.2%.092.327.232.302.324.282Juan Silva35610.4%25.3%.099.308.229.312.328.301Josh Satin38311.0%24.3%. Chang2495.6%18.9%. Smith4328.3%26.9%. Schumaker2687.5%18.7%. Bourgeois3745.1%12.6%. Duran3685.4%44.6%.163.329.201.245.364.268Brennan Boesch3205.6%25.3%. Dominguez4263.5%31.9%. Waldrop5244.2%28.4%.117.306.230.264.347.271
Batters, A sorted OtherPlayerPARC/27OPS+DefzWARNo.1 CompJoey Votto5747.915334.6Todd HeltonTodd Frazier6245.311243.6Pinky WhitneyEugenio Suarez6074.699-32.3Jeff BlauserBilly Hamilton5564.47792.1Chuck CarrAdam Duvall5364.7102-41.7Mike He smanBrandon Phillips5564.48931.7Cookie RojasJay Bruce6045.010811.7Eric HinskeZack Cozart4264.08351.5Robert EenhoornJe se Winker5415.2107-21.4Matt WintersAlex Blandino5183.991-31.2Reid BrignacTucker Barnhart3483.57631.1Eric ChristophersonDevin Mesoraco2414.7103-21.1Todd PrattRamon Cabrera4563.776-30.8Jamie BurkeJermaine Curtis3253.98100.7Dave ChalkPhil Ervin5534.29110.6Craig MonroeRyan LaMarre3363.47420.4Mark DoranIvan De Jesus4163.77900.4Eddie PyeJuan Perez4853.06320.0Pedro SanchezKris Negron3563.06100.0Kelly DransfeldtKyle Skipworth2802.865-30.0Gary TremblayYorman Rodriguez4404.187-2-0.1Shawn JeterTyler Holt!5103.1612-0.1Carl LoadenthalIrving Falu4523.270-1-0.3Edgar CaceresDonald Lutz2333.3720-0.4Justin BowlesBrandon Allen4123.9850-0.4Nate MurphyHernan Iribarren3632.7552-0.5Shane TurnerSteve Selsky3423.474-2-0.6Vernon ThomasJuan Silva3563.578-3-0.6Mark BudzinskiJosh Satin3833.782-2-0.7Chris SaundersRay Chang2492.960-3-0.7Alex PrietoMarquez Smith4323.4750-0.9Derek NicholsonSkip Schumaker2683.166-3-0.9Orlando PalmeiroJason Bourgeois3743.266-7-1.0Ken WoodsJuan Duran3682.966-1-1.1Chris HatcherBrennan Boesch3203.678-8-1.2Dann HowittChris Dominguez4263.2700-1.3Mike RosamondKyle Waldrop5243.268-4-1.7Brad Corley
Pitchers, Counting StatsPlayerTAgeGGSIPKBBHRHRERAnthony DeSclafaniR262929178.014651161738075John LambL252828149 Kenny Britt Jersey .316357191367065Raisel IglesiasR262424133.012736161296056Homer BaileyR302323149.013042171437065Aroldis ChapmanL2863063.3112295361413Cody ReedL232523137.012745191367065Brandon FinneganL23391490.3913411814138Tony CingraniL26321277.7923910653634Jumbo DiazR3266068.372227602826Josh SmithR282926156.712356201618781Burke BadenhopR3363062.342165622826Pedro VillarrealR2850074.356188743432Manny ParraL3347037.336124341615J.J. HooverR2865063.364298542927Layne SomsenR2727355.351276522826Dayan DiazR2737063.360297583028Amir GarrettL242525121.710570161207166Nate AdcockR2832039.736174371918Carlos ContrerasR2539773.374489654037Michael LorenzenR242825134.09354191427873Sean MarshallL3313011.711511166Blake WoodR3045047.353275412422Ryan MattheusR3254057.342186603028Keury MellaR22202093.7784216975854Jon MoscotR241818101.07035181096258Sam LeCureR3258064.356269633432Donovan HandR3040990.3602415985450Jason MarquisR37101054.7392210603533Jose en TorreR3042055.351337523129Stephen JohnsonR2550063.065397583432Drew HayesR2849064.359368623533Sal RomanoR222625125.38353171377873Collin BalesterR3041049.036217512927Robert StephensonR232525126.312770241217974Keyvius SampsonR253022115.710369181177469Dylan AxelrodR302720119.38838231317772Miguel CelestinoR2642065.7583112674239David HolmbergL242523132.08351251468882Tim MelvilleR262121104.07556211167671
Pitchers, Rates and AveragesPlayerIPTBFK%BB%BABIPERAFIPERA-FIP-Anthony DeSclafani178.075819.3%6.7%.2913.793.559588John Lamb149.364125.4%8.9%.2963.923.929897Raisel Iglesias133.056422.5%6.4%.3003.793.819595Homer Bailey149.063220.6%6.6%.2893.933.859996Aroldis Chapman63.325543.9%11.4%.2961.852.214655Cody Reed137.059221.5%7.6%.2974.274.25107106Brandon Finnegan90.338623.6%8.8%.2863.794.0395100Tony Cingrani77.733727.3%11.6%.2853.944.0199100Jumbo Diaz68.328725.1%7.7%.2903.423.318682Josh Smith156.768717.9%8.2%.2954.654.48117111Burke Badenhop62.326515.9%6.0%.2843.753.489486Pedro Villarreal74.331517.8%5.7%.2883.873.829795Manny Parra37.315822.8%7.6%.2863.623.599189J.J. Hoover63.327323.5%10.6%.2713.844.1196102Layne Somsen55.324520.8%11.0%.2914.234.36106108Dayan Diaz63.327721.7%10.5%.2883.984.22100105Amir Garrett121.755518.9%12.6%.2924.885.07122126Nate Adcock39.717320.8%9.8%.2894.084.09102102Carlos Contreras73.333322.2%14.4%.2834.544.75114118Michael Lorenzen134.059815.6%9.0%.2894.904.89123121Sean Marshall11.75121.5%9.8%.3024.633.9311698Blake Wood47.321025.3%12.9%.2934.184.07105101Ryan Mattheus57.325016.8%7.2%.2974.404.0011099Keury Mella93.742018.6%10.0%.2915.195.22130130Jon Moscot101.044715.7%7.8%.2855.175.25130130Sam LeCure64.328219.9%9.2%.2864.484.50112112Donovan Hand90.339315.3%6.1%.2874.984.92125122Jason Marquis54.724615.8%8.9%.2895.435.37136133Jose en Torre55.325120.3%13.2%.2874.724.86118121Stephen Johnson63.028622.7%13.6%.2984. Lamarcus Joyner Jersey 574.59115114Drew Hayes64.329120.3%12.4%.2944.624.72116117Sal Romano125.356614.7%9.4%.2965.245.04131125Collin Balester49.021916.4%9.6%.2894.965.02124125Robert Stephenson126.357022.3%12.3%.2845.275.45132135Keyvius Sampson115.753319.3%12.9%.2935.375.32135132Dylan Axelrod119.352716.7%7.2%.2905.435.22136130Miguel Celestino65.729519.7%10.5%.2895.355.32134132David Holmberg132.059314.0%8.6%.2855.595.71140142Tim Melville104.048415.5%11.6%.2916.146.11154152
Pitchers, A sorted OtherPlayerIPK/9BB/9HR/9ERA+zWARNo. 1 CompAnthony DeSclafani178.07.382.580.811012.5Mike ScottJohn Lamb149.39.833.441.15982.0Jim DeshaiesRaisel Iglesias133.08.592.441.081012.0Aaron HarangHomer Bailey149.07.852.541.03981.9Mike ScottAroldis Chapman63.315.924.120.712081.8Billy WagnerCody Reed137.08.342.961.25901.1Horacio EstradaBrandon Finnegan90.39.073.391.101011.1Tim LollarTony Cingrani77.710.664.521.16970.8Brian FuentesJumbo Diaz68.39.492.900.921120.6Joe BorowskiJosh Smith156. FoleyBurke Badenhop62.36.072.310.721020.3Jack Ru sellPedro Villarreal74.36.782.180.97990.3Tim McNabManny Parra37.38.692.900.971060.2Vic DarensbourgJ.J. Hoover63. TurnbowLayne Somsen55.38.304.390.98910.2Ryan BakerDayan Diaz63.38.534.121.00960.1Joel MooreAmir Garrett121.77.765.181.18790.1Mike RemlingerNate Adcock39.78.163.850.91940.1Matt PalmerCarlos Contreras73.39.095.891.11850.0Andrew BrownMichael Lorenzen134.06.253.631.28780.0Ken LuckhamSean Marshall11.78.463.850.77830.0Mike MohlerBlake Wood47.310.085.140.9592-0.1Bart EvansRyan Mattheus57.36.602.830.9487-0.2Bob ScanlanKeury Mella93.77.494.031.5474-0.3Matt GoodsonJon Moscot101. BakkumSam LeCure64.37.843.641.2686-0.4Jim DedrickDonovan Hand90.35.982.391.5077-0.4Kris WilsonJason Marquis54.76.423.621.6571-0.4Ed RileyJose de la Torre55.38.305.371.1481-0.4Marty McLearyStephen Johnson63.09.295.571.0084-0.4Bill BeneDrew Hayes64. RobbinsSal Romano125.35.963.811.2273-0.5Chris KinseyCollin Balester49.06.613.861.2977-0.5Chuck SmithRobert Stephenson126.39.054.991.7173-0.5Mike BuddieKeyvius Sampson115.78.015.371.4071-0.8John AmbroseDylan Axelrod119.36.642.871.7471-0.8Nerio RodriguezMiguel Celestino65.77.954.251.6472-1.0Mumba RiveraDavid Holmberg132.05.663.481.7069-1.2Doug LindseyTim Melville104.06.494.851.8262-1.6Nick Skuse
Disclaimer: ZiPS projections are computer-based projections of performance. Performances have not been invested in predicted playing amount of time in the majors most of the players in the above list are unlikely to experience within the majors at all in 2016. ZiPS is projecting equivalent production a .240 ZiPS projection may end up being .280 in AAA or .300 in AA, for instance. Whether or not a person will play is one of many non-statistical factors one must consider when predicting the long run.
Players are listed with their most recent teams unle s Dan makes a mistake. This is very po sible as many minor-league signings are generally unreported within the offseason.
ZiPS is projecting in line with the AL using a 3.93 ERA and the NL using a 3.75 ERA.
Players that are expected to be out because of injury continue to be projected. More information is always much better than le s information along with a computer isnt what ought to be projecting damages status of, for example, a pitcher with Tommy John surgery.
Regarding ERA+ vs. ERA- (and FIP+ vs. FIP-) and also the differences therein: as Patriot notes here, they aren't simply mirror pictures of each other. Writes Patriot: ERA+ doesn't tell you that a pitchers ERA was X% le s or more compared to leagues ERA. It lets you know the leagues ERA was X% le s or even more than the pitchers ERA.
Both hitters and pitchers are ranked by projected zWAR which would be to say, WAR values as calculated by Dan Szymborski, whose surname is spelled having a z. WAR values might differ slightly from those that come in full release of ZiPS. Finally, Szymborski will advise anyone against and might karate chop anyone responsible Cody Wichmann Jersey for merely accumulated WAR totals on depth chart to produce projected team WAR.

  Yankees Lose A-Rod And It Probably Won82
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The AL East continues to be hit hard by injuries this season, with about twelve above-average to star-caliber players needing lengthy stints around the disabled list. The Yankees happen to be without Michael Pineda all year and without Brett Gardner and Mariano Rivera for many of the season, and now theyre going to be without Alex Rodriguez until between September. Felix Hernandez clipped him having a 3-1 changeup a week ago, breaking a bone in the left hand.
The Yankees have a healthy lead within the division Ed Reed Jersey eight games within the lo s column and will platoon Eric Chavez and Jayson Nix at the hot corner for the time being. The 34-year-old Chavez is extremely quietly having a solid season off the bench, posting a 101 wRC+ overall having a 121 mark against righties. Nix, 29, includes a 95 wRC+ overall and a 112 Stephen Gostkowski Jersey wRC+ against lefties. The priority is that all the extra playing time will expose Chavez to injury and merely expose Nix generally given his career 72 wRC+. For the moment, theyll do.
Given their place in the standings, the need for adding marginal wins via trade is e sentially nil. Chase Headleys name is on the block and that he would obviously be a great fill-in and actually improve the team without Rodriguez (what would happen after A-Rod comes back is anyones gue s), but le ser players like Ty Wigginton or the since-traded Marco Scutaro just add depth. Theyd be replacing no-hit/all-glove infielder Ramiro Pena as the 24th or 25th man Bobby Richardson Jersey on the roster. Adding that extra half-a-win (maybe) doesnt hold much value to the Yankees.
Long-ish term, the teams concern ought to be A-Rods ability to rebound following the injury. Hand and wrist injuries have a tendency to linger and if you dont have the strength to hold the bat properly, you cant produce at the plate. Since its his bottom hand, that strength is even more important. Rodriguez is no longer the historically great version of himself, but hes sixth among qualified third baseman with 15 homers and seventh with a 122 wRC+. Thats a fairly valuable player, and the Yankees could instead be heading in to the postseason having a question mark at third base.
A-Rods injury opens Calvin Pace Jersey the door ever so slightly for that other four teams in the AL East, but that eight-game cushion is one giant obstacle. Its think about leap over one team, its another to duke it with four others. The Yankees will forfeit victory or two the remainder of way without Rodriguez barring a substantial trade before tomorrows deadline, however they have plenty of firepower to maintain their division lead. This isnt exactly equal to the Rays losing Evan Longoria. The Yankees concern should be A-Rods Stephen Morris Jersey recovery and health heading in to the end from the regular season and potentially the playoffs, where they need everyone at full strength.

  Blake Griffin Nuggets coachs heated exch
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Tempers got outside of handduring the last quarter of Tuesday's matchup amongst the Clippers and Nuggets. Marcus Easley Jersey
Frustrated with Denver's "Hack-A-Jordan" strategy, Clippers forward Blake Griffin let the Denver bench be aware of intentional fouls on teammateDeAndre Jordan were usele s after heslammed home an alley-oop to set the Clippers up by Vladimir Ducasse Jersey double-digits.
MORE: Dirtiest incidents in sports history| Grading the brand new NBA coaches
The expletives from GriffinirritatedNuggets coach Philly Brown Jersey Michael Malonewho was jawing back at Griffin through following timeout.
Malone said following Nuggets fourth-straight lo s thathe apologized towards the team forgetting thetechnical and the you don't have i sue between him andMudiay.
"Everythings fine. I do think theres Jim Kelly Jersey frustration on our end having lost four games when now and easily buying a technique of getting a win,"Malone said via bsndenver.com. "And I feel Max Valles Jersey obviously wining is an efficient solution for anybody, as it was for [the Clippers] tonight.

  Daily Notes- Three Call-Ups Who Aren8217
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Table of ContentsHeres the table of contents for todays edition of Daily Notes.
1. Actual Transaction News: Three Recent Promotions2. Todays Notable Games (Including MLB.TV Free Game)3. Todays Complete Schedule
Actual Transaction News: Three Recent PromotionsRegarding Exactly what the Author Did YesterdayYesterday, the writer meditated at some length upon the promotion of Mets right-handed pitching prospect Matt Harvey which, on account of how Harvey struck out, like, 11 or perhaps a hundred Diamondbacks in the debut and posted a single-game xFIP of 1.45, which was probably pretty effing prescient from the author to achieve that.
John Phillips Jersey
Regarding What the Authors Doing TodayToday, the author has what you might call if you know how to speak the littlest English what youd call a full plate. Hell be editing the fantasy podcast he recorded Thursday afternoon with RotoGraphs editor Eno Sarris; he's plans to record an episode of FanGraphs Audio with Dayn Perry at 1pm CT, maybe; and, later, hes attending a Northwoods League game in Madison, Wisconsin, with actual, real-live friends who arent going against their well like youre thinking they are.
What the Authors Doing Today, SpecificallyToday, the author in terms of the Daily Notes, specifically is examining three recent promotions of players different than Mets right-handed pitching prospect Matt Harvey.
Specifically, these players:
Player: Starling Marte, OF, PITLine: 431 PA, .286/.347/.500 (.344 BABIP) at Triple-ANotes: Baseball America notes in their preseason Handbook, by which book they ranked him fourth among Pirates prospects, that the 23-year-old Marte is probably adequate defensively to push Andrew McCutchen to an outfield corner. That Darren Sproles Jersey s unlikely to happen immediately, if at all, but he'd be very much a plus defender in left field, where he made his major-league debut Thurs . (box). One more thing he did Thurs . is hit a house operate on the initial pitch he saw from Houston starter Dallas Keuchel video clip of which event MLB.com makes available for the house audience (below). Note: our Marc Hulet has written this morning about adjustments Marte will probably desire to make at the major-league level.
Player: Ryan Wheeler, 3B, ARILine: 399 PA, .351/.388/.572 (.388 BABIP) at Triple-ANotes: Using the DFA and subsequent trade to Tampa Bay of Ryan Roberts, Wheeler has emerged as the starting third baseman for Arizona, following his promotion a week ago from Triple-A Reno. Wheeler, 23, appears to have decent, if not extraordinary, plate discipline (6.5% BB, 16.8% K at Reno) and power potential (15 HR in a total hitters park) Mark Ingram Jersey . Furthermore, theres some question or, rather, the editors of Baseball America have questions about Wheelers range at third, which shortcoming might limit him to corner utilitymandom.
Player: Jim Henderson, RHP, MILLine: 48.0 IP, 10.50 K/9, 4.13 BB/9, 0.38 HR, 2.91 FIP at Triple-ANotes: It should give the reader some knowledge of his career to date to understand that Henderson who made his first major-league appearance Thursday, in relief against the Nationals (box) was drafted with a team that no more exists (i.e. Montreal) and hasnt for eight years. Indeed, he (i.e. Henderson) was drawn in the 26th round out of non-baseball-powerhouse Tenne see Wesleyan College will continue to edify the readers understanding of Hendersons pedigree. Still, based on Adam McCalvy, Henderson sits around 93-97 mph. He pitched a perfect inning in his debut can also be David Onyemata Jersey noteworthy.
Todays Notable GamesPhiladelphia at Atlanta | 19:35 ETCole Hamels (133.2 IP, 83 xFIP-, 2.4 WAR) faces Ben Sheets (12.0 IP, 98 xFIP-, 0.4 WAR) before Atlantas excellent center-field camera.
Readers Preferred Broadcast: Philadelphia or Atlanta Radio.
Chicago AL at Texas | 20:05 ETChris Sale (117.2 IP, 80 xFIP-, 3.9 WAR), second among all pitchers per WAR, faces Yu Darvish (116.0 IP, 91 xFIP-, 2.4 WAR).
Readers Preferred Broadcast: Texas Radio.
Tampa Bay at Los Angeles AL | 22:05 ET ***MLB.TV Free Game***Current playoff odds, per CoolStandings: Tampa Bay, 19.5%; Los Angeles, 58.3%. (And, notably: Oakland, 57.0%!)
Readers Preferred Broadcast: Tampa Bay Radio.
Todays Complete ScheduleHeres the complete schedule for all of todays games, with our very proprietary watchability (NERD) scores for each one. Pitching probables and game times aggregated from MLB.com and RotoWire. The average NERD Game Score for today is 4.3.
Note: the following Game Scores range from the poorly conceived playoff-odds adjustment discu sed inside a recent edition of Daily Notes. Also note: the next table is entirely sortable.
AwaySPTm.Gm.Tm.SPHomeTimeLance LynnSTL89402CHNTravis Wood14:20Aaron CookBOS15365NYAPhil Hughes19:05Jarrod ParkerOAK55404BALZach Britton*19:05Rick PorcelloDET64676TORCarl. Villanueva19:07Kip WellsSD06030MIACarl. Zambrano19:10Cole HamelsPHI968810ATLBen Sheets*19:35Chris SaleCHA104787TEXYu Darvish20:05Jeff KarstensPIT64344HOUJordan Lyles20:05Josh TomlinCLE44336MINScott Diamond20:10Ro s DetwilerWAS57476MILMichael Fiers20:10Bronson ArroyoCIN44393COLD. Pomeranz20:40Jonathon NieseNYN73686AZJ. Collmenter21 Travis Feeney Jersey :40Alex CobbTB65665LAADan Haren22:05Jeremy GuthrieKC17133SEABlake Beavan22:10UndecidedLAN51647SFMatt Cain22:15
To learn more about Pitcher and Team NERD scores click the link.To learn how Game NERD Scores are calculated, click here.* = Fewer than 20 IP, NERD at discretion of very handsome author.

  DirecTV Wooden Legacy 2015 Bracket TV sc
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The 2015 DirecTV Wooden Legacy startsNov. 26atCal State Fullerton and endsNov. 29 at theHonda Center inOrange County, Calif. It features two teams Arizona and Michigan State that reached the Elite Eightin Kevin Bowen Jersey last year's NCAA Tournament. Both figure to become Top 25 teams regarding who the winner and will be the right matchup inside tourney when they meet.
Teams:Arizona, Michigan State, Boston College, Boise State, UC-Irvine, Santa Clara, Providence, Evansville
Last year: Washington defeated UTEP 68-65 inside the 2014 Wooden Legacy tournament final
Bracket/TV Schedule (all times ET):
Thursday, Nov. 26Game 1 UC- Stacy McGee Jersey Irvine vs. Boise State, 4p.m., ESPNUGame 2 Boston College vs. Michigan State, 6:30p.m., Matt Ioannidis Jersey ESPN2Game 3 Evansville vs. Providence, 9 p.m., ESPNUGame 4 Santa Clara vs. Arizona, 11:30 p.m., ESPN2
Friday, Nov. 27Game 5 UC-Irvine-Boise State loser vs. Boston College-Michigan State loser, 2:30p.m., ESPN3Game 6UC-Irvine-Boise State winner vs. Boston College-Michigan State winner, 5 p.m. Dashaun Phillips Jersey , ESPN2Game 7 Evansville-Providence loser vs. Santa Clara-Arizona loser, 9 p.m., ESPN3Game 8Evansville-Providence winnervs. Santa Clara-Arizona winner, 11:30 p.m., ESPN2
Sunday, Nov. 29Game 9 (5thplace game) Game 5 winner vs. Game 7 winner, 2:30 p.m., ESPNUGame 10 (3rd place game) Game Ricky Jean-Francois Jersey 6 loser vs. Game 8 loser, 4:30 p.m., ESPNUGame 11 (7th place game) Game 5 loser vs. Game 7 loser, 7:30 p.m., ESPN3Game 12 (championship) Game 6 winner vs. Game 8 winner, 10 p.m., ESPN2